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    1.Internet-of-Things Networking

    System architecture and components
    Performance assessment and management (QoS, scalability, reliability, etc)
    Radio/wireline, long/short range access network technologies
    Channel and traffic models
    PHY layer, Spectrum management for IoT radio communications
    MAC protocols (e.g., scheduling, power control etc.) for IoT
    Mobility management
    Naming, address management and End-to-End Addressability
    Object, device and service management
    RFID, sensors, actuator technologies
    Security, trust, and privacy issues for devices and services
    Cloud computing interworking
    Applications, services, and business models
    Sustainable design and technologies (e.g. energy-efficiency)
    Test-beds and field trials
    Architecture and Infrastructure
    System Design Modeling and Evaluation
    Distributed Sensing and Control
    Networks and Communications
    Intelligent Data Processing and Ubiquitous Computing
    Intelligent Management
    Reliability, Security, Privacy and Trust
    Applications, Business, Standards, and Social Issues

    2.Information Technology

    Algorithm Design
    Analysis of Algorithms
    Cloud Computing
    Cognitive Science
    Computability Theory
    Computational Complexity Theory
    Computational Linguistics
    Computational Neuroscience
    Computer Animation
    Numerical Analysis
    Operating Systems
    Programming Paradigms
    Quantum Computing Theory
    Requirements Analysis
    Scientific Computing
    Computer Programming
    Database Management Systems
    Evolutionary Computation
    Expert Systems
    Information theory
    Logic Programming
    Machine Learning
    Natural Language Processing
    Network Topology
    Numerical Algorithms
    Software Design
    Software Development Process
    Software Engineering
    Software Testing
    Symbolic Mathematics
    Ubiquitous Computing
    Biometrics & Bioinformatics
    Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing
    Computer Graphics / Multimedia / Virtual Reality
    Database and Data Mining
    DSP/ Image Processing / Video Processing / Pattern Recognition
    Distributed, Grid , Cloud and Scalable Computing
    Embedded & Real Systems /System Software
    High Performance Computing / Green Computing
    Information Retrieval, Processing and Management
    Intelligent Information Systems
    IT for health care / Green Computing
    Multimedia systems and services
    Mobile and Pervasive Computing and Communications
    Networking and Network Security
    Soft Computing
    Software Engineering
    Web and Internet Computing
    Wireless Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks
    Mobile and Pervasive computing using WSN
    Video Analytics

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